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Congrats to League Champion

By punisher
10/03/2018 12:37 pm
Congrats to Washington Redskins who won 73-53 over Cincinnati Bengals

this is Washington Redskins 1st super bowl title (2037) in their 1st super bowl appearance (2037)

this is Cincinnati Bengals 1st super bowl loss (2037) in their 4th super bowl appearance (2037 , 2033 , 2031 , 2023)

Re: Congrats to League Champion

By CooterBrown
10/03/2018 8:10 pm
Thanks to all ya'll here in League 6! Has definitely been a long hard journey to reach the mountaintop.

I do wanna give out a shout out to voegma and his NYG squad in us getting there. We have had to battle that bunch every year, twice a year, and then again in the playoffs for a third time, with little success. This season, NYG got hung up on a really chintzy tiebreaker . And we got lucky with the home field advantage. And in the Conf. Championship, we had a total bloodbath where the Skins escaped with a late one point victory. So honestly, if not for the rivalry and the wars we have had over the seasons, I think it has hardened and sharpened the Skins to their 1st championship. That and a smidgen of luck pulling a rabbit outta my hind end just to get out alive. Thanks voegma. And thanx to all you guys here in League 6!